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July 21, 2014



Amen! One example. Back in the early 90s, your brother Jon connected me with some guys from the church he interned at so we could from a men's group. The guys were all much older than me. I was really bummed to be in a group with all "old folk." We became good friends over the next couple years and we had a high degree of accountability and coaching. Towards the end of the group, I asked them about what they thought were the keys to great parenting. They said, "Even though it is hard to believe it when your kids are young, your influence on them will wane quite a bit as they enter their teen years. Make sure you work hard to have them develop friendships with other adults who are followers of Jesus as they are growing up. As your kids grow away from you, they will grow towards other adult relationships in their lives." Key #2, "If you are going to rely on other adults to build into the lives of your kids, you should do the same for other parents and their kids." Fortunately, I took that wise coaching to heart over the next two decades of my life. Most of what others would call successful outcomes with my kids and other people's kids are all a direct result of those coaching conversations with those "old guys" back in early 90s!

Dave Ferguson

Great example, Bob! And it's a great example of where we most want to see "great moments" - in the lives of our kids! Make sure you continue to pass on that kind of coaching to others. Good stuff!

Brian Zehr

I think you are absolutely right Dave! I can trace back the influencers in my life and even the reality of those moments pushing me to get into coaching others. The older i get the more i appreciate and value the concept of leaders investing in other leaders. Without that investment the moments often pass us by. Thanks for how you see coaching and for the investments you make in others to keep passing it on.

Dave Ferguson

Thanks Brian. Upon further reflection it feels like God sovereignly put some "coaches" in my life at just the right time. I think about Carl Georges influence on me right before we started COMMUNITY. Much of what Jon and I wrote about in Exponential is founded on some simple reproducing principles that he instilled in me. And years later we are still benefitting from his coaching. Coaching always precedes great moments!

Dave Ferguson

I just ran across a terrific Harvard Business Review blog post about coaching: "You Can't Be Great Manager If You're Not A Good Coach" - http://ow.ly/zsKHT Check it out!

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