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July 23, 2014


Mike McGarrity

Great article Dave and I wish we were doing more church planting here in Aus. There are a couple of questions that strike me and concerns I'd add... These are not critiques to limit what is being achieved, but concerns about ensuring the long term health and welfare of church planters and the churches they plant.

Are there ways to do a better job of qualifying those we propose to lead church planting teams, to help prepare them to negotiate valleys and equip them to stand firm in those seasons?

Can we work even more closely with other streams - even supporting one another's church planting efforts with expertise, personnel and finance - so our focus is clearly a Kingdom focus, rather than in danger of becoming just a tribal one?

At a deeper level are we guilty of encouraging enthusiastic people to gain identity from their mission, rather than mission being a consequence of truly knowing their identity in Christ? In theological terms shouldn't a focus on the pursuit of Imago Dei precede our pursuit of the Missio Dei?

Just some questions for reflective thought. Keep up the incredible work with Community and New Thing. Blessings, Mike McG

Dave Ferguson

Hey Mike! Good to hear from you! Few quick thoughts regarding your questions:

1. We use a comprehensive assessment for anyone who wants to be the point person on a church planting team done by the Church Planting Assessment Center. You can get more info: http://www.churchplanting4me.org/

2. In the church planting world there is a lot of cross-tribal collaboration. For instance, within NewThing we represent dozens of tribes. At the Exponential Conference almost every network and every major denomination join us for training.

3. Yes we are sometimes guilty. In my opinion, if we pursue the Imago Dei we will inevitably pursue the Missio Dei.

Much love to you and your family!

Mike McGarrity

Thanks for your response Dave... We need to develop more of the type of resource and cross-tribal community here for church planting... Food for thought! And yeah I think you're right too - authentic pursuit of our identity in Christ will ultimately result in partnership in what He puts His hands to... Many blessings to you, Sue & your tribe(s)

Mark Borgetti

Best coaching tip I received was focused on RPMS ... checking in with the people we are coaching to see how they are doing elationally, hysically, entally, and piritually. For the people I coach (and then for the people they coach) ... this was a great way to check in with them to see how they are doing AND to highlight the importance of taking time to develop and focus on all four areas. For a great leader to be great, with God's help, they are at their best when their RPMS are high!

Mark Borgetti

LOL ... my comment should read "Relationally, Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually"

Dave Ferguson

Thanks for the comment, Mark. I don't think I was the one who gave you the coaching regarding RPMS, but for anyone wanting to learn more about it, they can check out this post: http://www.daveferguson.typepad.com/daveferguson/2011/12/how-to-lead-yourself.html

In addition to coaching I personally use the RPMS almost everyday as a check up during my journaling. It has a been a great self-leadership tool for me!

Evan McBroom

I think my best coaches radiated the feeling that I could do it ... that I could achieve the thing I was working toward and they were coaching toward. They weren't coaching me because they DIDN'T think I could do it, they coached because they DID believe, and somehow that came through. So as I coach, I try to radiate this as well. I remember hearing a story about a college professor in the 50's who had a rubber stamp he would apply to certain papers. It read, "SO GOOD IT COULD BE BETTER." I want THAT to come through in my coaching.

Dave Ferguson

Thanks Evan! Reminds me of my favorite definition of a coach is "Someone who can help you do what you could never do on your own."

Beau Crosetto

Great post Dave! Keep going!


Thanks for modeling great coaching Dave! It's awesome to serve with someone who lives the mission of Jesus. Thanks for your passion! Love the article. It is so true that if there is no coaching, things break down, stall out and sit idle. When there is great coaching, though, the sky is the limit!

Dave Ferguson

Thanks for stopping by, Beau. And thanks for the kind words, John. I got a couple more posts on the topic of coaching and equipping still coming - spread the word!

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