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September 16, 2013


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Charles Meek

As your site is listed on Blogmetrics’ list of the 50 top Christian blogs, I am sending you a complimentary review copy of my new book (in PDF format): CHRISTIAN HOPE THROUGH FULFILLED PROPHECY: IS YOUR CHURCH TEACHING ERROR ABOUT THE LAST DAYS AND SECOND COMING? (The Surging Preterist Challenge to Eschatology)

As an introduction, I am the editor of one of the oldest apologetics websites on the Internet www.FaithFacts.org. After a multi-year study, I became convinced that the majority views among Christians are mistaken about Bible prophecy. Amid an avalanche of failed prophecies by high-profile evangelicals, the field of eschatology is undergoing a radical re-examination. But this is good news, as you will see in my book!

What if Jesus and the writers of the New Testament were telling the truth when they insisted, in over 100 passages, that the culmination of the last days’ events would occur in their own generation? While this is controversial, so is Christianity itself. Truth does matter. My goal was to write a book that is both comprehensive and easily understood by a knowledgeable Christian layman.

Blessings to you in your ministry. Your thoughts are welcome.

Charles S. Meek


(If you experience any problems downloading the book, you may email me at cmeek01@msn.com for a better copy of the manuscript.)

PS--I like the your ministry concept. The church has got to change.

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