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February 17, 2012


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Mike Mack

TOTALLY agree with you, Dave! I think the fact that Community began with small group community at its heart certainly helps you to make being missional more available and real to the church. So, perhaps "micro" is the 3rd "M" in the equation. In a mega-church, we are missional through micro-communities.

Dave Ferguson

Thanks for the comment Mike. Small groups are getting bashed big time by those of us (and I include myself) in the missional crowd. But the reason small groups are a great organism for mission at COMMUNITY is because our small groups have always valued the following: 1) Open - always encouraging newcomers 2) Reproducing - always have an apprentice 3) Outreach-oriented - most of our 400 baptisms last year were people in their small group baptizing other people far from God. For churches like ours with those kinds of small groups, it is a easier transition to missional.

Matt Larson

Dave, this is a fantastic story. We're going through Luke and the sermon on the plain in particular. Jesus is teaching his disciples to love the world with the same love they've been shown by God. We are being asked to BE the Gospel to the world so that people can find their way back to God. I love it! Thanks for sharing such a clear example of Jesus making himself known to the world through his people.

Margo (Bible Games Factory)

What an amazing story—and very inspiring! After reading this blog post, I’m thinking that I need to go ahead and invest in a copy of “On the Verge”—there just seem to be far too many nuggets of wisdom that I know I could use and learn from. Thank you so much for letting all of your readers have a sneak peek into the book. It definitely made my mind up about buying it.

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