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December 09, 2011


Mike Goldsworthy

Dave -

I'm curious as we're working through similar transitions at our church - are the 3 R's replacing the 3 (or 4...don't remember) C's that were your strategy?

Dave Ferguson

Hey Mike,
Good to hear from you. No, they are not replacing the 3C's of Celebrate, Connect and Contribute. The R's of Reach, Restore and Reproduce are how we accomplish the mission which I see as the same as contribution. The 3C's express the full-life of a Christ follower and is still the expectation of every Christ follower.
Hope that helps.

Mike Goldsworthy

awesome. thanks...that's really helpful


Don't you think that perhaps your comment - to restore Gods DREAM for the world - is a little strange, surely Gods will rather than His dream is that men and women confess their sinfulness, seek forgiveness through the Death of Jesus on the Cross and become a new creation. Don't think that scripture speaks of Gods dream. You can't restore what has never existed.

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