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December 07, 2011


Doug Gamble

This is an excellent post. So true that even "mission" can become something we consume. It's happened with worship. Worship is giving your WHOLE life to Jesus and we have reduced it to singing songs and they better be songs I like. We've done it with Bible teaching as you mentioned. We've done it with a church gathering evidenced by the huge trend in "church shopping." I'm looking forward to what you have developed to encourage "missionary identity. Love that. Thanks Dave.

Steve Heye

Dave, I appreciate your thoughts on this! I do like the concept of being a missionary, not just contributing to the mission. If you allow yourself to compartmentalize your involvement\behavior into a small box it allows you to check it off as being done. If you define it as becoming a missionary, then the work is never complete and it is more about who you are. I have no idea if my comment makes sense, but just thinking out loud. Thanks again!

Jesse Smith

There is an undeniable nostalgia associated with "missions" - especially short-term overseas mission trips to 3rd world countries. We experienced some of that this past year as a church. We've tried to learn from that experience and reshape our church ethos to reflect the belief that all believers are short-term missionaries, here or abroad. And as Alan Hirsch & Michael Frost point out, "The mission has a church - rather than the church having a mission." Developing that culture (as with all things) has been a journey, but I'm excited about the possibilities for the Millenial Generation. 92% of them (myself included) have that "intrinsic heart-felt need" to do something of significance with their life that makes a real difference.

*Reblogging - Thanks!*

Dave Ferguson

Steve Heye, totally makes sense! What you are expressing is exactly what it means to make missionary as a part of your identity and who you are. Good thoughts!

Paul Loyless

Boom! Ouch! Thank You!


too late it has already been consumed. it is what we do. next fad please



I'd be curious for your thoughts on Duraisingh's article, "From church-shaped mission to mission-shaped church," synopsis at http://www.anglicantheologicalreview.org/read/article/1075/


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