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July 17, 2007


Barry Caudle


It sounds like you are a frontliner now. From your blog it shows that God answered your prayers, and you were impacted by the Frontline team and Jeff Pessina. You are right they are a great example of the Acts 2 church, and also they give you a hunger for evangelism, and looking for those opportunities to share God's love wherever you go. I am praying for you that you won't have to much jet lag. God Bless you!!!



Welcome back (OK I missed saying this to you yesterday as I passed you at the Yellow Box!!, I'm sooo dippy!!!)


I'm glad you are home safe & sound. Also glad it was such a great experience for you and Josh. I know God will use all of it in amazing ways. Love you.

jeff pessina

Dave, thanks for such commendations... perhaps one day we'll figure out what makes people think we're so "out there" (we'll I understand SOME of it). Anyway, My youngest son is now my newest fan telling me to write a book; he said, "I'm sure you'd sell 3,000 of them in the first year!" :) Maybe the title of that will be "A Strange Idea?" :) Either way, I believe we'll continue to feel that our life and activities are a normal response to our faith, not extraordinary. Your visit was a blessing, and we appreciate our developing friendship with CCC. Thanks again for coming out.

Kristine D. Knight-Holzwarth

Wow Dave, this photo makes you look 10+ years younger. Funny how life is sometimes, when you find yourself living off the needs of the world and not the wants of those around you. Thank you for helping make this a better world for all of Gods children, one continent at a time .

Dave Covic

I had the priviledge of working with group for five years, in fact my daughter was born in the Philippines when we were part of this team. Since then I have taken short term teams literally all over the world and still have not seen an organization do as much with as little as PFMI has. The transition in direction I think is just the Lord doing more through them as the team has matured. I can recommend them with out reservation to any church or arganization looking to partner with foreign workers.

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