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January 12, 2007


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I saw Jon running around the office "the new book is here! the new book is here!"

Oh wait, that was Steve Martin in The Jerk.

Kudos to you, Jon and Eric. What an excellent, God-led accomplishment.

Dave Ferguson

Thanks Lorinda!!


We can't wait to read it!!


Congrats! I'm looking forward to checking it out. dt www.davetilma.com

Doug Gamble

That's awesome Dave. I can't wait to grab hold of it. I think the "Big Idea" is a tremendous tool to help make God's truthiness stick. I am looking forward to implementing it over here in Indiana. Thanks for the conference as well.

Dave Ferguson

Ryan, Dave & Doug - Thanks! I'm pretty pumped too. I got my first copy of The BIG IDEA on Friday and after looking through it I'm even more excited about the book.


Looking forward to it

Mike Goldsworthy

Hey Dave -
just got my copy of The BIG IDEA from amazon yesterday, and have spent about an hour or so flipping through different parts of it.

I'm really enjoying it and I think its going to add a lot to what we're doing as a church.

Dave Ferguson

Mike, thanks! We are getting good feedback on the book from lots of places. Dave

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