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October 28, 2006



Nightmare?? I don't think so - a nightmare is something you lose sleep over and neither the Cardinals or Sox will make Cub fans lose sleep! You see, we're glass half full kind of people. We ALWAYS believe that something better is coming for our team. We're faithful(remember, faith is the evidence of things unseen) to the end, no matter what happens! We who are Cub fans know that better times are ahead.


I just can't believe that you abandoned the Cards for the Sox?!? It is better than the the Cubs though...


Dave at least you came to your senses as an adult. White Sox fan? I knew I liked you for some reason.

Geoff Surratt

I knew I liked you; now I know I why.


GO CARDS!!! Sorry to all you Cub fans. Well, not really.

Jon Cannon

I knew there was something really specal about you---YOU'RE A CARDINALS FAN!!! After reading you blog for about a year I never saw this coming, I knew you did not like the Cubs and I also knew you were pretty excited about the White Sox last year.

There is one thing that is true for the Cardinals...they have the best fans in baseball! I was there in Busch Stadium for Game 4 of the World Series and I cannot begin to express the "energy" that those 47,000 (+) fans generated. It was awesome. Be sure to check out my blog (www.joncannon.org) for comments and a photo album of Game 4.


Well my best friend and my boss like the Cardinals, so I can at least look forward to them being in a good mood for a week. Time to ask for a raise eh?

I am a Cubs fan, I was born into a Cubs family, and I have no other excuse for it other than I don't switch teams very easily. I do root for the Sox and Cardinals though (and the Brewers if I am feeling supportive) as long as they are not playing against the Cubs, and when the Cubs don't make it (which is pretty much always) then I root for my other "local" teams.
Unlike my faith in God, my faith in the Cubs is pretty much blind and some would say Delusional. But I love em anyway.

Eric Bramlett

The sad state of affairs goes much further than that -
2003: Cubs fail to get into WS in Bartman-gate
2004: Red Sox finally win
2005: White Sox finally win
2006: Cardinals win

2007: Maybe this year! Hope springs cub-ternal...


Do you Cub fans still blame Bartman for the choke job 3 years ago? How about blaming your shortstop for committing the costly error that actually lost the game for you. But wait, it's never the players fault. And the Red Sox winning was not a God thing. That still upsets me. I would die a happy man never seeing the Red Sox win again. They didn't deserve it and they never will deserve it. I can live with the White Sox winning but never the Red Sox.


Go Cards!

Jackaway (the un-intern)

Pat--half empty/half full, i think we can at least all agree that either way, the cubs glass isnt full and never will be. the cards winning it all will allow me to continue to live care-free for the next few years...


Dave, Your stock just rose in my book and I held you on a pretty high pedestal already. I did not know you stayed loyal to the Redbirds. I too am a life long Cards fan and I too enjoy a marital and familial rift because of it. Our 15 year old has come to my side. O how I enjoyed wearing my jersey around Westbrook the last few weekends. Let us pray for those who are lost in their delusions. MONT


Eric! Finally something in the sports world you and I can agree on. (Both your views on the Bartman and on the Red Sox)

Dave, as you know it was a Sunday about 14 years ago that my wife dragged me to Naperville North HS to check out a new church and in the very first sermon, the pastor mentioned his love for my favorite baseball team. Well, I'm still here and still a Cards fan.

God was definitely at work this week in my life. I had purchased tickets to go what was supposed to be Game 4 on Wednesday. We went to St. Louis and sat in Busch fighting wind a rain for three hours before they announced the rainout. Our tickets were to be bumped to Friday (game 5). We had to kick around St. Louis for two extra days trying to stay dry, not knowing for sure if Friday's game was even going to be played. Well it was, and I was there to witness the results with the three people I love most in this world and 47,000 of our closest friends. The emotions were flying high that night. It was dream come true not only to have the Cardinals win a World Series, but to be there to see it.

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