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February 23, 2006


Jeff Pessina

Whoa! That's some steaks to chew on Dave! Radical. Community ("a unified body of individuals") is an interesting topic. I don't think much of the church today exemplifies community nearly as well as they do club. But isn't this to a large degree a leadership problem? The church needs to be lead there; so leaders gotta go there. Many people would follow don't you think?
As for leadership: servant leadership, and the development and involvement of others is clearly the scriptural mandate, ideal, and model of Christ. And the church is really missing it here. (Is that not why there is so much dependence on schools and seminaries to raise up our leaders?) But I'm not sure that even in the best leadership environment "directive" qualities are to be entirely absent. The style sometimes is determined by the circumstance.


Interesting comments. I would love to be a part of a church like that. There are some dynamics between male/female that we are born into, and I think Jesus took that into account. Overall, I think society and the church have taken it overboard...in opposite directions! Women have gotten a bad rap from both directions! They have alot to offer to the church other than teaching small children. I love the way you guys have given women opportunity to grow and expand in ministry. More churches should follow that lead.

Dave Ferguson

I have a paradigm of the whole world that any problem is ultimately a leadership problem...so yes, I think it is a leadership issue. And if leaders will lead, people will follow.

I think there has been a shift taking place where the schools and seminaries are no longer the primary influencers...it is now the large and dynamic church. I don't know if that is also the case in your part of the world, Jeff? So with that influence and our understanding that leadership solves all (or at least most) problems...we need to be about creating these kinds of churches!

Dave Ferguson

Francie, "what do you mean that women have gotten a bad rap from both directions"? Do you mean from the church - trying take away the opportunity to serve AND culture - trying to force them into power rather than service? Explain, please.

Jeff Pessina

You bet Dave. The church was always supposed to be that kind fo Church. Leading in great strength, full heart, passion, and continually passing it on. Somewhere (it would seem) she lost (never completely) the mission, the mandate, or the potency to do the job??? I'm not sure where, when, why, or how... but I agree that, worldwide, seminaries and schools are not the greater force for leadership development today, but rather vision-filled and inspired Churches. May God get us all there! The Church is the light of the World!

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